American Democracy In Jeopardy

A Nation of People Vulnerable to Being Told What to Think

By Frank Dalotto American Democracy in Jeopardy


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American Democracy in Jeopardy is about how rapid advances in technology, the internet, and the growth of Cable TV has drawn the attention of viewers looking for a quick and entertaining sound bite to reinforce their political beliefs.

With viewers and readers turning away from balanced news reporting, American democracy is at risk in becoming a nation of people vulnerable to being told what to think. This book shows how a persons beliefs are formed and how their beliefs control their actions, and influence what they see, and what they want to hear.

The book also demonstrates why people tune into political entertainers with strongly biased and emotionally charged content who serve to reinforce their biased beliefs. These beliefs become deep rooted and more strongly biased unless challenged by education, and more importantly, by an education system that builds its foundation on the development of critical thinking skills.

Our hope for a thriving American democracy and for the future lies with our children's educational system and the need to focus more on developing critical thinking skills and less on teaching to tests.

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American Democracy in Jeopardy is worthwhile reading even for a seasoned journalist. Political bias is an accepted, perhaps anticipated, plan of action in programming as people gravitate toward what they want to hear.
This astute author compiles fascinating, thought-provoking material ……… His bulleted lists and separated points reveal a businessman accustomed to getting his information across quickly.

Julia Ann Charpentier, ForeWord Clarion Reviews